More Than a Traditional Homeless Shelter

Our center offers job training for youth in the Midland, TX area

Basin Dream Center For Orphans offers more than your average homeless shelter. Our transitional living center in Midland, Texas offers job training opportunities, life skill-building workshops and trauma therapy to help young people get back on their feet. We receive referrals for our program from Child Protective Services, school programs, high school counselors, High Sky Children's Ranch and Catholic charities.

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Details about our program

At Basin Dream Center For Orphans, we focus on long-term solutions for our residents and students. This includes...

A screening. When we receive a referral, we'll perform a screening based on predetermined criteria. We accept residents based on their desire to be part of the program.

An orientation. During the orientation stage, the student receives support while they adjust to their new living situation. This can be done at their own pace to create stability and allow for growth.

Skill-building. We work with each of our students to help them gain confidence and hope for their success. This includes daily living, routine, relationship and job training workshops.

Community reintegration. Once our students feel stable, processing their trauma through counseling and building skills for independence, we guide them into adult life and reintegrate them into the community.

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