Target Hospitality Support

We would not be here without support from groups like Target Hospitality.

Target Hospitality is a company that purchased ALL of our furniture and appliances for the boy's transitional home. Not only did they purchase the furniture but they sent a team of people to complete a landscaping project. They cleaned up all our flower beds and replaced the mulch with new, and planted flowers in the pots. It really spruced up the front of the boy's home and made it look really nice.

They graciously purchased
Dining set with buffet the boys use for a coffee bar.
2 refrigerators
1 freezer
2 washers and dryers
A complete living room set - sofa, loveseat, chair, tables, lamps, entertainment center, and a tv.
6 new mattresses

In the pictures you will see the project, the furniture, their group of employees, myself and Danny Mercer. Danny is the Sales Manager with Target Hospitality. He is the one who found us. He is passionate about what we do because he has children the same age as the homeless students - who enter our program. He wanted to make a difference in the community. Also in the photos, you will see pictures of our students utilizing some of the furniture that they purchased.

Thank you Target Hospitality!